Ace of Pentacles


I don’t remember when this exactly happened or what I asked the deck when I did this reading, but I recently pulled the Ace of Pentacles in a reading.

Over the past year or so, I have met and gotten to know a very wonderful, generous man who is able to give me a hand financially. The Ace of Pentacles describes exactly this type of situation; many people who draw this card are entering a new job or have other financial prospects that will ensure some level of security and stability.

Originally I was going to apply for a loan of almost $10k, which would rise to about $20k by the time it’s paid off. I already have some federal and state loans for college and one of the last things I want to do is to sink further into debt.

I am extremely lucky to have made this arrangement, and I have been able to use my own money to purchase all the things I realized I needed for my apartment (like a window fan–it’s so hot!!) as well as groceries. My goal is to be able to afford 12 months of rent, and if our relationship continues at the current pace, this should be no trouble at all! This means I may not even need a loan.

The Ace of Pentacles, however, means much more to me than just this. Here is what this website says:

The physical/material beginning of things – the ultimate and successful completion of physical/material matters to the highest standards. It is time for you to ground your creative energy into material gain, contentment and the fulfillment of your hopes, wishes and desires. Allow yourself to experience the ultimate balance – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical success resulting in a joyful life. Bring together all your internal and external resources and talents. Everything is great now and successful ventures are possible if you start with a good foundation. You have the stability and skills required to get results. You can silently visualize your hoped-for results, decide how to use them in a new way and then stubbornly keep at it until you see it in final form. Experience the fruits of your labor – it is your spiritual work which leads you to recognize the magic in normal things. Move beyond that to an even greater knowledge. When you are ready, the Gateway will always open to the truth. You will receive important information soon. Set your goals, plan how to achieve them – then act on your plans. Nurture them with patience – complete the task and reward yourself.
Perfection, blessings and good fortune. Excellent health. The possibility of new business ventures or a new physical regimen. Accept your physical prowess, your superiority. Experience your independence and self-sufficiency – your ability to provide, to produce. It is time for you to express your greatest physical potential.

Questions to Answer: What new opportunities for work, stability, home, money or health do you have? What is making you feel secure and grounded? How can you use a recent gift? What plan are you putting in motion? What kinds of seeds are you planting? How are you being rewarded for your accomplishments?

As soon as I learned about the Law of Attraction, I knew I could draw whatever I wanted into my life. Honestly, I wouldn’t have made it this far without the support of my mother, friends, and antidepressants. Lately, though, I haven’t been taking my medications regularly, and it’s still OK.

Once I get myself on level ground, I can build myself up. But for right now, I need to secure the bottom chunks of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in order to be my best self and help inspire students to change the world and turn their lives into something that will allow them to grow as well.

I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

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